Updated: June 11, 2017.

It's LONG overdue, but I just published the first 2.10.0 pre-release of the Android AltBeacon Library.

The latest releases are available in a few places:


  • GitHub
  • NuGet (check the "Show pre-release packages" box)


  • GitHub
  • NuGet (check the "Show pre-release packages" box)

Component Store - waiting for 2.10 stable

What's new

The last update to the AltBeacon Xamarin binding library was version 2.7. There have been several native library updates from AltBeacon since then, so here's a quick rundown of new shiny bits you can expect to find:

Native library release notes

  • updated the binding to the native library version 2.10
  • exposed some of the Beacon members that were inaccessible
  • ported unit tests from the native project's repo

Building Quality In

Following the example of the native library authors, I'm adding unit test coverage and updated reference applications around the Xamarin binding library. I'm using the native library examples as a blueprint to preserve intent as much as possible.

I'm tracking progress via GitHub issues and milestones. The hope is to cut a final 2.10.0 release once I have basic unit test coverage and an updated reference app.

If you notice an issue...

Please help the community by logging any issues you find.

  1. make sure that the issue hasn't already been logged against the original library
  2. if the original library works correctly, log an issue against the Xamarin binding

Can't wait to hear about the cool apps you're building!