Open up your favorite Android e-mail app. As you scroll through your messages, you instinctually start swiping them left and right. You're either archiving the message - because you might need that arduino newsletter later - or you're permanently deleting it.

You've just used a Swipe ListView. You make a left or right swipe gesture on a message, the message flies away, and other messages around it collapse back together. So easy. The user experience just makes sense!

Although a popular example of a Swipe ListView might be an e-mail app, the control is hardly limited to lists of e-mail messages. So, what if you want to add a Swipe ListView to your Xamarin Android app?

In September, I released the SwipeListView Xamarin Component - initially as a C# port of the 47 Degrees SwipeListView. I have since gone back to the drawing board and updated the component to be a Jar binding of the 47 Degrees control.

Where Can I Get It?

SwipeListView Xamarin Component (v.2 Pending Approval)
SwipeListView on Nuget

Why the Change?

Well, I ported the 47 Degrees control initially so that I could add my own custom functionality. However, because I wanted the control to match what Java Android developers might have been used to with the control, I removed my custom code and left the port matching features 1:1.

That was great for the v.1 release of the component, but in order to keep up with new features and bug fixes in the original control, it just made sense to bind the Jar. This will make future updates much easier, and help keep the chances of my introducing a bug smaller.