So, you want to add a contact form to your Orchard site. There used to be a few fine Contact Form modules in the Orchard Gallery, but with the latest 1.5 release, we're given the ability to create our own. Great!

I found an awesome walkthrough here by RobertTheGrey which was just what I needed. I had a little trouble nailing the listings though, so maybe my stumbling will help you out. I created a content type called ContactForm, with a name input called ContactNameInput, and an email input called ContactEmailInput.

<Match ContentType="ContactForm">
  <!-- Name -->
  <Place Fields_Input_Edit-ContactNameInput="Content:2.4"/>
  <!-- Email -->
  <Place Fields_Input_Edit-ContactEmailInput="Content:2.5"/>
  <!-- Message -->
  <Place Fields_Common_Text_Edit="Content:2.6"/>
  <!-- Hide the Owner part -->
  <Place Parts_Common_Owner_Edit="-"/>

Hope this helps!